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Name: Dolphin
Location: (a)
Description: n/a

Name: Maple Administrator
Location: (A)
Description: n/a

Name: Oannes
Location: (B)
Description: Sells potions and other goods at the store

Red Potion 50 mesos
Orange Potion 160 mesos
White Potion 320 mesos
Blue Potion 200 mesos
Mana Elixir 620 mesos
Dex Potion 500 mesos
Speed Potion 400 mesos
Magic Potion 500 mesos
Warrior Potion 500 mesos
Sniper Potion 500 mesos
Air Bubble 300 mesos
Fried Shrimp 1600 mesos
Watermelon 3200 mesos
Ice Cream Pop 2300 mesos
Red Bean Sundae 4000 mesos
Apple 30 mesos
Egg 50 mesos
Meat 106 mesos
Orange 100 mesos
Lemon 310 mesos
Melting Cheese 4500 mesos
Reindeer Milk 5600 mesos
Sunrise Dew 8100 mesos
Sunset Dew 10200 mesos
Unagi 1100 mesos
Pure Water 1650 mesos
Return Scroll to Nearest Town 400 mesos
Arrow for Bow 1 mesos
Bronze Arrow for Bow 10 mesos
Arrow for Crossbow 1 mesos
Bronze Arrow for Crossbow 10 mesos
Subi Throwing-Star 500 mesos

Name: Melias
Location: (B)
Description: Sells armors for all classes

Jousting Helmet 120,000 mesos
Great Blue Helmet 160,000 mesos
Blue Jester 60,000 mesos
Blue Matty 96,000 mesos
Blue Hawkeye 60,000 mesos
Blue Pole-Feather Hat 100,000 mesos
Blue Guise 60,000 mesos
Blue Burglar 100,000 mesos
Red Engrit (F) 60,000 mesos
Blue Engrit (F) 60,000 mesos
Yellow Engrit (F) 60,000 mesos
Black Dragon Robe (M) 70,000 mesos
Hwarang Shirt (M) 40,000 mesos
Green Hwarang Shirt (M) 40,000 mesos
Black Martial Art Pants (M) 38,000 mesos
White Martial Art Pants (M) 38,000 mesos
White Crusader Chainmail (M) 112,500 mesos
Blue Crusader Chainmail (M) 112,500 mesos
Emerald Fitted Mail (F) 112,500 mesos
Sapphire Fitted Mail (F) 112,500 mesos
Blood Fitted Mail (F) 112,500 mesos
Maroon Jangoon Armor (M) 200,000 mesos
Blue Jangoon Armor (M) 200,000 mesos
Red Jangoon Armor (F) 200,000 mesos
Brown Jangoon Armor (F) 200,000 mesos
White Jangoon Pants (M) 180,000 mesos
Brown Jangoon Pants (M) 180,000 mesos
Red Jangoon Skirt (F) 180,000 mesos
Brown Jangoon Skirt (F) 180,000 mesos
Purple Fairy Robe (F) 42,000 mesos
Green Fairy Robe (F) 42,000 mesos
Blue Fairy Robe (F) 42,000 mesos
Purple Fairy Robe Skirt (F) 40,000 mesos
Green Fairy Robe Skirt (F) 40,000 mesos
Blue Fairy Robe Skirt (F) 40,000 mesos
Blue Wizard Robe (M) 40,000 mesos
White Wizard Robe (M) 40,000 mesos
Green Wizard Robe (M) 40,000 mesos
Red Amoria Robe (F) 120,000 mesos
Blue Amoria Robe (F) 120,000 mesos
Red Amoria Robe Skirt (F) 120,000 mesos
Blue Amoria Robe Skirt (F) 120,000 mesos
Blood Chaos Robe (M) 300,000 mesos
Blue Chaos Robe (M) 300,000 mesos
White Chaos Robe (M) 300,000 mesos
Purple Moonlight (F) 450,000 mesos
Red Moonlight (F) 450,000 mesos
Blue Moonlight (F) 450,000 mesos
Red Starlight (M) 450,000 mesos
Green Starlight (M) 450,000 mesos
Blue Starlight (M) 450,000 mesos
Green Huntress Armor (F) 50,000 mesos
Red Huntress Armor (F) 50,000 mesos
Green Huntress Armor Pants (F) 44,000 mesos
Red Huntress Armor Pants (F) 44,000 mesos
Green Hunter's Armor (F) 50,000 mesos
Red Hunter's Armor (F) 50,000 mesos
Green Hunter's Armor Pants (M) 44,000 mesos
Red Hunter's Armor Pants (M) 44,000 mesos
Red Legolia (F) 114,000 mesos
Blue Legolia (F) 114,000 mesos
Green Legolia (F) 114,000 mesos
Red Legolia Pants (F) 108,000 mesos
Blue Legolia Pants (F) 108,000 mesos
Green Legolia Pants (F) 108,000 mesos
Red Legolier (M) 114,000 mesos
Blue Legolier (M) 114,000 mesos
Green Legolier (M) 114,000 mesos
Red Legolier Pants (M) 108,000 mesos
Blue Legolier Pants (M) 108,000 mesos
Green Legolier Pants (M) 108,000 mesos
Brown Piette (M) 180,000 mesos
White Piette (M) 180,000 mesos
Brown Piette Pants (M) 160,000 mesos
Blue Piette Pants (M) 160,000 mesos
Brown Piettra (F) 180,000 mesos
White Piettra (F) 180,000 mesos
White Piettra Skirt (F) 160,000 mesos
Brown Piettra Skirt (F) 160,000 mesos
Red Steal (F) 45,000 mesos
Blue Steal (F) 45,000 mesos
Purple Steal (F) 45,000 mesos
Red Steal Pants (F) 40,000 mesos
Blue Steal Pants (F) 40,000 mesos
Purple Steal Pants (F) 40,000 mesos
Dark Brown Stealer (M) 45,000 mesos
Red Gold Stealer (M) 45,000 mesos
Dark Brown Stealer Pants (M) 40,000 mesos
Red / Gold Stealer Pants (M) 40,000 mesos
Green Knucklevest (M) 114,000 mesos
Red Knucklevest (M) 114,000 mesos
Blue Knucklevest Pants (M) 108,000 mesos
Red Knucklevest Pants (M) 108,000 mesos
Red Avenger (F) 111,000 mesos
Blue Avenger (F) 111,000 mesos
Purple Avenger (F) 111,000 mesos
Khaki Shadow (M) 180,000 mesos
Marine Shadow (M) 180,000 mesos
Khaki Shadow Pants (M) 160,000 mesos
Marine Shadow Pants (M) 160,000 mesos
Purple Shadow (F) 180,000 mesos
Red Shadow (F) 180,000 mesos
Purple Shadow Pants (F) 160,000 mesos
Red Shadow Pants (F) 160,000 mesos
Subi Throwing-Star 500 mesos

Name: Calypso
Location: (B)
Description:Sells weapons for all classes

Eloon 20,000 mesos
Gladius 40,000 mesos
Cutlus 100,000 mesos
Traus 225,000 mesos
Misthil Axe 20,000 mesos
Fireman's Axe 40,000 mesos
Dankke 100,000 mesos
Blue Counter 175,000 mesos
Fusion Mace 22,000 mesos
War Hammer 40,000 mesos
Heavy Hammer 100,000 mesos
Jacker 175,000 mesos
Forked Dagger 38,000 mesos
Reef Claw 40,000 mesos
Gephart 375,000 mesos
Bazlud 425,000 mesos
Ice Wand 18,000 mesos
Wizard Staff 20,000 mesos
Mithril Wand 38,000 mesos
Wizard Wand 175,000 mesos
Fairy Wand 400,000 mesos
Broadsword 22,000 mesos
Scimitar 150,000 mesos
Lionheart 350,000 mesos
Zard 450,000 mesos
Two-Handed Axe 22,000 mesos
Niam 200,000 mesos
Blue Axe 45,000 mesos
Sabretooth 250,000 mesos
Monkey Wrench 20,000 mesos
Mithril Maul 45,000 mesos
Sledgehammer 200,000 mesos
Titan 250,000 mesos
Forked Spear 60,000 mesos
Nakamaki 175,000 mesos
Zeco 225,000 mesos
Janitor's Mop 24,000 mesos
Mithril Pole Arm 60,000 mesos
Axe Pole Arm 175,000 mesos
Crescent Polearm 300,000 mesos
Battle Bow 20,000 mesos
Ryden 150,000 mesos
Red Viper 250,000 mesos
Vaulter 2000 375,000 mesos
Balanche 12,000 mesos
Mountain Crossbow 30,000 mesos
Eagle Crow 200,000 mesos
Heckler 250,000 mesos
Meba 60,000 mesos

Name: Gerrard
Location: (B)
Description: n/a

Name: Kenta
Location: (C)
Description: Kenta's Research 1 (Level 17), Kenta Research 2, Kenta Research 3

Name: Muse
Location: (C)
Description: Muse Is Cooking, The View Of The Ocean (Level 30), Carta The Sea Witch (Level 90), Nanuke's Ingredients (Level 95) quest.

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