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The View Of The Ocean (Level 30)
Ossyria Quest

Item's Needed :

Aquaroad Photo Album x 1
Snow Crystal x 100
Snow Crystal Sphere x 1


1. Talk to Kriel the Fairy in Orbis.
2. Head over to Aqua Road and talk to Muse.
3. Go to El Nath and talk to Alcaster.
4. Hunt for 100 Snow Crystal from Leatty.
5. Return to Alcaster with the collected item to obtain 1 Snow Crystal Sphere.
6. Head back to Aqua Road and give the obtained item to Muse. As a reward, you will obtain 1 Aquaroad Photo Album.
7. Go back to Kriel the Fairy and give her the obtained item.


Scroll for Shoes for Jump (60%) or Scroll for Shoes for Jump (10%) or Scroll for Shoes for Speed (60%) or Scroll for Shoes for Speed (10%) + Total of 12000 experience
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