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Name: Chrishrama
Location: (a)
Description: Create shoes for each class and refines the ores of jewels and minerals

300 mesos 500 mesos
300 mesos 500 mesos
300 mesos 500 mesos
500 mesos 500 mesos
500 mesos 500 mesos
500 mesos 500 mesos
800 mesos 500 mesos
    1000 mesos
    3000 meso

Name: Sabitrama
Location: (b)
Description: Sabitrama And The Diet Medicine (Level 25) and Sabitrama's Anti-Aging Medicine (Level 50) quest.

Name: Mr. Oh
Location: (c)
Description: Storage

Name: Mysterious Statue
Location: (d)
Description: John's Pink Flower Basket (Level 15) and John's Present (Level 30) quest.

Name: Vagabond Alchemist
Location: (e)
Description: Creates Magic Rock and Summoning Rock

Name: Hotel Receptionist
Location: (A)
Description: Sells ticket to the Sauna room

Regular Sauna room
499 mesos
VIP Sauna room
999 mesos

Name: Mr. Sweatbottom
Location: (A), Regular Sauna
Description: Sells potions and others at the Regular sauna

Red Potion
50 mesos
Orange Potion
160 mesos
White Potion
320 mesos
Blue Potion
200 mesos
Mana Elixir
620 mesos
Dex Potion
500 mesos
Speed Potion
400 mesos
500 mesos
500 mesos
Sniper Potion 500 mesos
Apple 30 mesos
Egg 50 mesos
Meat 106 mesos
Orange 100 mesos
Lemon 310 mesos
Pure Water 1650 mesos
Unagi 1100 mesos
Return Scroll to Sleepywood 600 mesos
Arrow for Bow 1 mesos
Arrow for Crossbow 1 mesos
Pizza 500 mesos
Subi Throwing-Star 500 mesos

Name: Mr. Wetbottom
Location: (A), VIP Sauna
Description: Mr. Wetbottom's Secret Book (Level 30) quest.

Name: The Rememberer
Location: (f)
Description: DANGER! <1-G. Mushroom> (Level 15), DANGER! <2-H. Mushroom> (Level 20), DANGER! <3-Z. Mushroom> (Level 22), POLLUTED! <1-Evil Eye> (Level 21-30), POLLUTED! <2-Curse Eye> (Level 30), POLLUTED! <3-Jr. Boogie> (Level 33) quest.

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