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NPC List

NPC Location
Ace of Hearts Ludibrium
Ace of Hearts Henesys
Agent Marco Omega Sector
Alcaster El Nath
Alex Kerning City
Alien Gray Omega Sector : Kulan Field II
Anne Hill East of Henesys
Arec El Nath
Arturo Perion
Arwen the Fairy Ellinia
Assistant Cheng Toy Factory <Process 1> Zone 1
Athena Pierce Henesys
Ayan Perion
Barun Orbis Tower <14th Floor>
Blackbull Perion
Black Mesoranger Omega Sector : Kulan Field I
Brittany the Assistant Henesys
Bruce Henesys
Calypso Aqua Road
Camilla Henesys
Carta Aqua Road : Carta's Cave
Casey Henesys
Chico Ludibrium
Chief Stan Henesys
Chris Kerning City
Chrishrama Sleepywood
Chury Omega Sector
Cloy Henesys
Coco Ludibrium
Corporal Wilson Orbis
Dances with Balrog Perion
Dark Lord Kerning City
Denma the Owner Henesys
Document Roll Ludibrium
Dolphin Aqua Road
Don Giovanni Kerning City
Doofus Henesys
Dr. Andre Kerning City
Dr. Betty Ellinia
Dr. Cantsee Henesys
Dr. Faymus Kerning City
Dr. Kim Omega Sector : Command Center
Dr. Pepper Omega Sector
Dr. San Omega Sector
Easter Bunny Henesys
Easter Bunny Ludibrium
Edel the Fairy Orbis
El Moth The Tree That Grew III
Ellie Ludibrium
Elma the Housekeeper Orbis
Ericson Orbis
Estelle The Field South of Ellinia
Eurek the Alchemist Sleepywood
Eurek the Alchemist Ludibrium
Everton Ludibrium
Fanzy Ellinia : The Forest North of Ellinia
Flo Ludibrium : Toy Factory Path of Time
Flora the Fairy Ellinia
Francois Ellinia
Geanie Ludibrium
General Maestro Omega Sector
Gerrard Aqua Road
Ghosthunter Bob Ludibrium : Toy Factory Forgotten Path of Time <1>
Gina Ludibrium
Glibber El Nath : Ice Valley II
Gordon El Nath
Grandpa Clock Ludibrium : Toy Factory Lost Time 1
Green Mesoranger Omega Sector : Boswell Field IV
Grendel the Really Old Ellinia
Gumball Machine Ludibrium : Eos Tower 26th ~ 40th Floor
Gunny Omega Sector : Boswell Field V
Gwin Dungeon: Another Entrance
Hana El Nath
Harry Perion
Heracle Orbis
Hid Ludibrium
Hoony Omega Sector : Boswell Field III
Hotel Receptionist Sleepywood
Icarus Kerning City
Jack Schwetty Sleepywood
Jade El Nath
Jane Lith Harbor
Jane Doe Kerning City
Jay Henesys
Jean Lith Harbor
JM from tha Streetz Kerning City
John Lith Harbor
Jr. Officer Medin Omega Sector
Karl Henesys
Kay Omega Sector
Kenta Aqua Road
Kevin the Soldier Omega Sector
Korin Ludibrium
Kriel the Fairy Orbis
Kubo the Storageman Omega Sector
Lakelis Kerning City
Lea Orbis
Len the Fairy Ellinia
Lisa Orbis
Lost Soldier Ludibrium : Eos Tower 93rd Floor
Luna Henesys
Mac the Mechanic Ludibrium : Toy Factory Process 2 Zone 5
Mainstein Kerning City
Manager Karl Ludibrium : Toy Factory Main Process 1
Manji Perion
Mapa Kerning City
Maple Administrator Orbis
Maple Administrator Lith Harbor
Maple Administrator Henesys
Maple Administrator El Nath
Maple Administrator Aqua Road
Maple Administrator Omega Sector
Mar the Fairy Ellinia
Marcel Ludibrium
Martin Orbis
Mason the Collector Ludibrium
Master Sergent Fox El Nath
Maya Henesys
Melias Aqua Road
Meteorite 1 Omega Sector : Kulan Field I
Meteorite 2 Omega Sector : Kulan Field III
Meteorite 3 Omega Sector : Kulan Field IV
Meteorite 4 Omega Sector : Kulan Field II
Meteorite 6 Omega Sector : Kulan Field V
Mina Lith Harbor
Mini Ludibrium
Mino the Owner Orbis
Miru Ludibrium
Misky Ludibrium
Miyu Ludibrium
Moppie Orbis
Mr. Bouffon Ludibrium : Toy Factory Path of Time
Mr. Goldstein Lith Harbor
Mr. Hong Kerning City
Mr. Kim Lith Harbor
Mr. Lee Henesys
Mr. Mohammed El Nath
Mr. Oh Sleepywood
Mr. Park Ellinia
Mr. Pickall Kerning City
Mr. Smith Perion
Mr. Sweatbottom Sleepywood : Regular Sauna
Mr. Thunder Perion
Mr. Wang Perion
Mr. Wetbottom Sleepywood : VIP Sauna
Mrs. Ming Ming Henesys
Ms. Tan Henesys
Muse Aqua Road
Mysterious Statue Sleepywood
Nana the Tour Guide Ludibrium
Natalie the Owner Henesys
Natasha Lith Harbor
Nella Kerning City
Nemi Ludibrium
Neri the Fairy Orbis
Neru the Trainer Ludibrium
Neve Orbis
Nuri the Fairy Orbis
Oannes Aqua Road
Olaf Lith Harbor
Pason Lith Harbor
Pat Schwetty Sleepywood
Patricia Ludibrium
Phil Lith Harbor
Pi Ludibrium
Pia Henesys
Pink Mesoranger Omega Sector : Boswell Field II
Platform Usher Orbis
Porter Omega Sector : Command Center
Rene El Nath
Ria Ellinia
Ria Kerning City
Ria El Nath
Rice the Medic Omega Sector
Rina Henesys
Rinz the Assistant Orbis
River Perion
Robeira El Nath
Robert Holly Ludibrium
Robinson Aqua Road : Two Palm Trees
Rocky the Repairman Ludibrium : Toy Factory Main Process 2
Roly-Poly 1 Ludibrium : Eos Tower 98th Floor
Roly-Poly 10 Ludibrium : Eos Tower 3rd Floor
Roly-Poly 2 Ludibrium : Eos Tower 93rd Floor
Roly-Poly 3 Ludibrium : Eos Tower 76th ~ 90th Floor
Roly-Poly 4 Ludibrium : Eos Tower 74th Floor
Roly-Poly 5 Ludibrium : Eos Tower 60th Floor
Roly-Poly 6 Ludibrium : Eos Tower 46th ~ 55th Floor
Roly-Poly 7 Ludibrium : Eos Tower 41st Floor
Roly-Poly 8 Ludibrium : Eos Tower 21st Floor
Roly-Poly 9 Ludibrium : Eos Tower 7th Floor
Romi Orbis
Rooney Ellinia
Rooney El Nath
Rowen the Fairy Ellinia
Rydole Ludibrium : Toy Factory Aparatus Room
Sabitrama Sleepywood
Sam Henesys
Sarah Ludibrium
Scadur El Nath
Seppy Ludibrium
Serabi the Fairy Ellinia
Shammos El Nath
Shane Ellinia
Shumi Kerning City
Shuri the Tour Guide Orbis
Silver Lith Harbor
Sophia Perion
Spacen Omega Sector
Spiruna Orbis : Cloud Park IV
Staff Sergeant Charlie Orbis
Subway Worker Kerning City
Tara Ludibrium
Teeny Orbis
Teo Lith Harbor
Ticketing Usher Orbis
Ticketing Usher Ludibrium
Ticketing Usher Ellinia
Tigun the Advisor Ludibrium
Toly Ludibrium : Toy Factory Path of Time
Tony Ludibrium
Toolcas Swamp of Despair II
Tylus El Nath
Vagabond Alchemist Sleepywood
Vagabond Alchemist El Nath
Vega Ludibrium : Eos Tower 44th Floor
Vicious Henesys
Vikin Lith Harbor
Vogen El Nath
Weaver the Trainer Ludibrium
Wing the Fairy Ellinia
Wisp Ludibrium
Yellow Mesoranger Omega Sector : Off-Limits

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