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Name: Shane
Location: (a)
Description: Sabitrama And The Diet Medicine (Level 25) and Sabitrama's Anti-Aging Medicine (Level 50) quest.

Name: Francois
Location: (b)
Description: Creates/upgrade wands, staffs, gloves etc. for the magician

Name: Arwen the Fairy
Location: (c)
Description: Arwen And The Glass Shoes (Level 25) and Jane The Alchemist [3] (Level 40) quest. Creates Moon Rock and Star Rock.

Name: Rowen the Fairy
Location: (d)
Description: Jack Schwetty's Secret Book (Level 30) and Rowen The Fairy And The Cursed Dolls (Level 35) quest.

Name: Mr Park
Location: (e)
Description: Storage

Name: Ria
Location: (f)
Description: N/A

Name: Rooney
Location: (g)

Name: Mar the Fairy
Location: (h)
Description: Revives your pet with Water of Life

Name: Ticketing Usher
Location: (i)
Description: Sells ticket for ship ride to Orbis of Ossyria

Name: Ticketing Usher
Location: (j)
Description: Proceeds you on the ship that heads to Orbis of Ossyria

Name: Wing the Fairy
Location: (k)
Description: To The New World (Level 40) quest.

Name: Dr. Betty
Location: (l)
Description: Winston's Fossil Dig-up [Part 2] (Level 20), Dr. Betty's Research on Plants [Part 1] (Level 22), Dr. Betty's Research on Animal Fossils (Level 22) and Dr. Betty's Research on Plants [Part 2] (Level 22) quest.

Name: Grendel The Really Old
Location: (A)
Description: Job change for Magician class

Name: Flora the Fairy
Location: (B)
Description: Sells staffs and wands that are exclusively for magicians

Wooden Wand 2000 mesos
Hardwood Wand 5000 mesos
Metal Wand 9000 mesos
Ice Wand 18000 mesos
Mithril Wand 38000 mesos
Wooden Staff 3000 mesos
Sapphire Staff 6000 mesos
Emerald Staff 6000 mesos
Old Wooden Staff 10000 mesos
Wizard Staff 20000 mesos
Iron Mace 10000 mesos

Name: Serabi the Fairy
Location: (B)
Description: Sells armors that are exclusively for magicians

Brown Apprentice Hat 1200 mesos
Blue Moon Conehead 3800 mesos
Pink Moon Conehead 3800 mesos
Green Moon Conehead 3800 mesos
Dark Moon Conehead 3800 mesos
Brown Moon Conehead 3800 mesos
Green Wizardry Hat 8000 mesos
Grey-Brown Training Shirt (M) 2000 mesos
Blue Training Shirt (M) 2000 mesos
Black Split Piece (M) 8500 mesos
Orange Split Piece (M) 8500 mesos
Blue Split Piece (M) 8500 mesos
Black Armine (F) 2000 mesos
Green Armine (F) 2000 mesos
Purple Arianne (F) 4000 mesos
Green Arianne (F) 4000 mesos
Pink Arianne (F) 4000 mesos
Yellow Arianne (F) 4000 mesos
Black Split (F) 8500 mesos
Red Split (F) 8500 mesos
Purple Split (F) 8500 mesos
Purple Fairy Robe (F) 42000 mesos
Green Fairy Robe (F) 42000 mesos
Blue Fairy Robe (F) 42000 mesos
Beige Plain Robe (M) 7000 mesos
Blue Plain Robe (M) 7000 mesos
Green Plain Robe (M) 7000 mesos
Brown Doros Robe (M) 16000 mesos
Blue Doros Robe (M) 16000 mesos
Yellow Doros Robe (M) 16000 mesos
White Doros Robe (M) 16000 mesos
Blue Wizard Robe (M) 40000 mesos
White Wizard Robe (M) 40000 mesos
Black Wizard Robe (M) 40000 mesos
Green Wizard Robe (M) 40000 mesos
Brown Doroness Robe (F) 16000 mesos
Purple Doroness Robe (F) 16000 mesos
Red Doroness Robe (F) 16000 mesos
Blue Training Pants (M) 2000 mesos
Grey-Brown Training Pants (M) 2000 mesos
Black Split Pants (M) 8000 mesos
White Split Pants (M) 8000 mesos
Black Armine Skirt (F) 2000 mesos
Green Armine Skirt (F) 2000 mesos
Purple Arianne Skirt (F) 4000 mesos
Green Arianne Skirt (F) 4000 mesos
Pink Arianne Skirt (F) 4000 mesos
Yellow Arianne Skirt (F) 4000 mesos
Black Split Skirt (F) 8000 mesos
White Split Skirt (F) 8000 mesos
Purple Fairy Robe Skirt (F) 40000 mesos
Green Fairy Robe Skirt (F) 40000 mesos
Blue Fairy Robe Skirt (F) 40000 mesos
Yellow Basic Boots 1500 mesos
Blue Basic Boots 1500 mesos
Brown Basic Boots 1500 mesos
Beige Nitty 4000 mesos
Black Nitty 4000 mesos

Name: Len the Fairy
Location: (C)
Description: Sells potions and other goods at the store

Red Potion 50 mesos
Orange Potion 160 mesos
White Potion 320 mesos
Blue Potion 192 mesos
Mana Elixir 604 mesos
Dex Potion 500 mesos
Speed Potion 400 mesos
Magic Potion 500 mesos
Warrior Potion 500 mesos
Sniper Potion 500 mesos
Apple 30 mesos
Egg 50 mesos
Meat 106 mesos
Orange 97 mesos
Lemon 305 mesos
Arrow for Bow 1 mesos
Arrow for Crossbow 1 mesos
Return Scroll to Nearest Town 400 mesos
Return Scroll to Ellinia 500 mesos
Antidote 200 mesos
Eye Medicine 200 mesos
Health Medicine 300 mesos
Pizza 500 mesos
Subi Throwing-Star 500 mesos

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