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Name: Blackbull
Location: (a)
Description: Fixing Black Bull's House (Level 1) and Building Blackbull's New House (Level 30, Fame 10) quest.

Name: Mr. Wang
Location: (b)
Description: Storage

Name: Mr. Smith
Location: (c)
Description: Create/Upgrade gloves and materials

Name: Mr. Thunder
Location: (d)
Description: Refines the ores of jewels or minerals, and upgrade a helmet or a shield

300 mesos 500 mesos
300 mesos 500 mesos
300 mesos 500 mesos
500 mesos 500 mesos
500 mesos 500 mesos
500 mesos 500 mesos
800 mesos 500 mesos
    1000 mesos
    3000 meso

Name: Manji
Location: (e)
Description: Preparing For The Revival, Maya And The Weird Medicine (Level 15) and Manji's Ragged Gladius (Level 45) quest.

Name: Ayan
Location: (A)
Description: The Stump Horror Story (Level 10) quest.

Name: Sophia
Location: (B)
Description: Maya And The Weird Medicine (Level 15) quest.

Name: Arturo (Gregory's Son)
Location: (B)
Description: Sells potions and other goods at the store

Red Potion 50 mesos
Orange Potion 160 mesos
White Potion 320 mesos
Blue Potion 200 mesos
Mana Elixir 620 mesos
Dex Potion 500 mesos
Speed Potion 400 mesos
Magic Potion 500 mesos
Warrior Potion 500 mesos
Sniper Potion 500 mesos
Apple 30 mesos
Egg 50 mesos
Meat 106 mesos
Orange 100 mesos
Lemon 310 mesos
Arrow for Bow 1 mesos
Arrow for Crossbow 1 mesos
Return Scroll to Nearest Town 400 mesos
Return Scroll to Perion 500 mesos
Antidote 200 mesos
Eye Medicine 200 mesos
Health Medicine 300 mesos
Pizza 500 mesos
Subi Throwing-Star 500 mesos

Name: River
Location: (C)
Description: Sells weapons that are exclusively for warriors

Long Sword 3000 mesos
Sabre 6000 mesos
Viking Sword 10000 mesos
Machete 10000 mesos
Eloon 20000 mesos
Gladius 40000 mesos
Field Dagger 7000 mesos
Coconut Dagger 10000 mesos
Iron Dagger 22000 mesos
Battle Axe 6000 mesos
Misthil Axe 20000 mesos
Fireman's Axe 40000 mesos
Mace 6000 mesos
Iron Mace 10000 mesos
Fusion Mace 22000 mesos
War Hammer 40000 mesos
Two-Handed Sword 12000 mesos
Broadsword 22000 mesos
Metal Axe 3000 mesos
Steel Axe 10000 mesos
Two-Handed Axe 22000 mesos
Blue Axe 45000 mesos
Wooden Mallet 3000 mesos
Heavy Mace 6000 mesos
Square Hammer 10000 mesos
Pickaxe 10000 mesos
Monkey Wrench 20000 mesos
Spear 3000 mesos
Fork on a Stick 7000 mesos
Pole Arm 3000 mesos
Iron Ball 8000 mesos
Studded Polearm 12000 mesos
Janitor's Mop 24000 mesos

Name: Harry
Location: (C)
Description: Sells armors that are exclusively for warriors

Bronze Koif 2400 mesos
Bronze Helmet 2700 mesos
Bronze Full Helm 3500 mesos
Bronze Viking Helm 8700 mesos
Bronze Football Helmet 8500 mesos
Steel Sharp Helm 11500 mesos
Iron Burgernet Helm 19000 mesos
Blue Lolico Armor (M) 3200 mesos
Brown Lolico Armor (M) 3200 mesos
Steel Corporal (M) 5500 mesos
Brown Corporal (M) 5500 mesos
Blue Sergeant (M) 9000 mesos
Red Sergeant (M) 9000 mesos
Silver Master Sergeant (M) 16000 mesos
Orihalcon Master Sergeant (M) 16000 mesos
Dark Master Sergeant (M) 16000 mesos
Hwarang Shirt (M) 40000 mesos
Green Hwarang Shirt (M) 40000 mesos
Orange Lolica Armor (F) 3200 mesos
Blueberry Lolica Armor (F) 3200 mesos
Red Lamelle (F) 9000 mesos
Green Lamelle (F) 9000 mesos
Brown Lamelle (F) 9000 mesos
Blue Shark (F) 16000 mesos
Sku Shark (F) 16000 mesos
Red Shark (F) 16000 mesos
Blue Kendo Robe (M) 15000 mesos
Red Kendo Robe (M) 15000 mesos
White Kendo Robe (M) 15000 mesos
Black Dragon Robe (M) 70000 mesos
Steel Fitted Mail (F) 8000 mesos
Dark Engrit (F) 60000 mesos
Red Engrit (F) 60000 mesos
Blue Engrit (F) 60000 mesos
Yellow Engrit (F) 60000 mesos
Brown Lolico Pants (M) 3000 mesos
Blue Lolico Pants (M) 3000 mesos
Steel Corporal Pants (M) 5000 mesos
Bronze Corporal Pants (M) 5000 mesos
Steel Sergeant Kilt (M) 9000 mesos
Red Sergeant Kilt (M) 9000 mesos
Dark Master Sergeant Skirt (M) 14000 mesos
Silver Master Sergeant Kilt (M) 14000 mesos
Orihalcon Master Sergeant Kilt (M) 14000 mesos
Black Martial Arts Pants (M) 38000 mesos
White Martial Arts Pants (M) 38000 mesos
Red Martial Arts Pants (M) 38000 mesos
Brown Martial Arts Pants (M) 38000 mesos
Legend Pants (F) 3000 mesos
Sophia Pants (F) 3000 mesos
Red Ramel Skirt (F) 9000 mesos
Green Ramel Skirt (F) 9000 mesos
Brown Ramel Skirt (F) 9000 mesos
Sky Shark Skirt (F) 14000 mesos
Red Shark Skirt (F) 14000 mesos
Blue Shark Skirt (F) 14000 mesos
Steel Grieve 5000 mesos
Brown Grieve 5000 mesos
Brown High Boots 10000 mesos
Orange High Boots 10000 mesos
Blue High Boots 10000 mesos
Mithril War Boots 15000 mesos
Wood Buckler 4000 mesos
Steel Shield 6000 mesos

Name: Dances with Balrog (Sitting Bull)
Location: (D)
Description: Job change for Warrior class

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