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Zipangu is currently released only in MapleSEA.
24th November 2006 - More Zipangu updates
  • All Zipangu's monsters' drops should have been properly added. We're sorry that we cannot reply to every single mail we receive due to time constraints (assignments and exams are looming in the horizon), but we really appreciate your help in keeping Hidden Street updated.
  • Level 100-110 Dragon series items have been added.
  • Names of the following monsters have been changed to their official ones, even though it may seem illogical (or even weird, like Blue Mushmom) with their etc. drops:
    • Littleman A -> Extra A
      Littleman B -> Extra B
      Littleman C -> Extra C
      Subordinate D -> Extra D
      Boss -> Male Boss
      Anego -> Female Boss
      Mushdad -> Blue Mushmom
      Big Boss -> The Boss
Additional update: Exchange Quest (Showa Town) is now up.

- Saigo
17th November 2006 - Partial Zipangu update
Due to popular demand, we've worked hard all night to update the new Zipangu maps and monsters. However, the accuracy of a few of the monsters' names can still be doubted; all the monsters' drops are yet to be included at the moment.

If you have found any item/equipment drop from any of the new Zipangu monsters, do drop us an e-mail with the subject "Zipangu update".

Due to repeated forum spamming, registrations have been closed temporarily.

- Saigo
1 November 2006 - Hidden Street guild in Windia

The Hidden Street guild in Windia, MapleGlobal is now an official guild of Hidden Street.

- cLoUd3z
14 October 2006 - Gachapon and other minor updates

  • We have decided to take down the Gachapon section of our site soon, due to the incredible number of differences and updates in both MapleSEA and MapleGlobal which makes updating very difficult. We believe such information may be easily found in other forums.
  • The official Hidden Street guild in Bellocan has an L for an I.
  • Minor updates, which we update daily but normally find no need to announce here, such as stat ranges, adding of new items, and the like, have been updated as well.
- Saigo
4 October 2006 - Beginner
The Beginner class page has been added.

- cLoUd3z
25th September 2006 - Old names removed
We have recently removed the old names of the items (italicised and in brackets) that were in the database. This is to improve the accuracy of the names and lessen confusion with the old names.

Also, almost every new quest from Global and SEA has been added. We would like to thank everyone who helped us a lot with the new drops. We would appreciate it if you could e-mail us any further updates that are not currently in our database, and we will update it accordingly to provide accurate information to all Maplers.

Happy Mapling!

- cLoUd3z
16th September 2006 - Helios Tower update
The new Helios Tower and the monster Retz have been added to the database two days ago.

- Saigo
28th August 2006 - GMS drop updates almost done
After performing daily updates to the database based on e-mail reports and other sources, we have finally cleared almost the entire bulk of the backlog related to GMS' new drops. If there are drops that have not been listed yet in our database, feel free to send us an e-mail about it.

- Saigo
2nd August 2006 - IRC & New Announcement System
Sorry for the downtime of the IRC channel; it's back up again and we'd love to see you there at the usual server: irc.darkmyst.org, channel #hiddenstreet.

Also, there will be a slight change to the announcement system from now on. A topic in the News & Announcements board in the forum will correspond to the one posted on the main site, so if you've something in your mind that you'd like to share about the announcement concerned, the forum's the way to go. :)

- Saigo
28th July 2006
As Global's recent latest patch is completed, it seems that the different drops are intentional despite no notice about this whatsoever in their patch release notes. We're unsure if MapleSEA will follow suit, but as for now drops for Global will be separated from SEA, and for that, we need your help to keep the database updated. E-mail us with the subject "GMS New Drops" with the monster and drop concerned, and any screenshots that you may have.

Do note however that as our exams are around the corner, updates will be slow.
27th July 2006
The new Global drops are unconfirmed at the moment and most likely caused by a glitch; while we do appreciate the e-mails to keep our database updated, the items will not be added into our database until they can be ascertained as 'real' drops, although we highly doubt it.
16th July 2006
A large part of our database will be undergoing a major add-on in periodic stages - something similar to what Maplers have been requesting throughout the years, for images to appear instead of text in our monster and item lists. We won't be scrapping away the textual links, but we'll have to keep you guessing as to what it will be like. :)
1st July 2006
The NPC list has been added.
26th June 2006
The Premium Road page is now available, although a few points still require clarification from Maplers who have access to it.
25th June 2006
Happy Belated 1st Birthday to MapleGlobal and MapleSEA! For pictures of the celebration in Malaysia, click here. For those who wish to contribute their photos for the event in Singapore, kindly e-mail us. Submitted pictures retain the copyright of their respective owners (watermark the photos, if you like), and it is up to us entirely to select the most suitable photos to be put up.

The Gachapon database is currently up and running.
12 June 2006
Omega Sector-related items, monsters and maps are now added. If there are any drops missing from the Omega Sector monsters list, we would appreciate it if you can e-mail us about it.

Forum registrations have been temporarily disabled to ward off future forum-defacing attempts.
9 June 2006
Level 100 items have been added to the database.
2 June 2006
Ludibrium Hair Salon and Hair Colors has been added under Cash Shop: Beauty Parlor.
24th May 2006
The forum will be opened to the public indefinitely for now. This is to test the server's capability to handle more load.
9th May 2006
Effective to Heal has been added in the Elemental Weakness List.
3rd May 2006
The monster Zakum will be released in MapleGlobal soon, thus the monster and its related minions have been added. Information such as names and item drops may not be correct at the moment.
2nd May 2006
Elemental Weakness List has been released. This would be convenient for those from the Magician class.
1st May 2006
Ludibrium Party Quest guide has been released.

You may not have realised it, but we've finally completed converting our site to a purely CSS-driven site. If you are adept in designing and CSS, we invite you to tinker with our files to create a new alternate stylesheet altogether. Feel free to e-mail us your designs. :)
26th April 2006
Aqua Dungeon's maps, monsters and other-related items have been updated. There may be discrepancies with the monsters' drops, and we would appreciate it very much if you can e-mail us any information regarding the drops you may have obtained from them. A screenshot of the item/equipment concerned (for their stat range) would be good as well.
23rd April 2006
Forum registrations have been reopened to about 18,000 users.

If some pages appear to be black, clear your cache and refresh again.
13th April 2006
The forum will be down for several hours (sorry for the short notice) while we perform the necessary updates and upgrades.

The upgrade to the latest version of phpBB has been completed, but due to certain unknown changes, currently all subforums have been reverted to their own respective boards which should not have happened. We'll try our best to rectify this.

9th April 2006
A list of required materials to forge weapons has been added.
6th April 2006
Iron Boar, Mix Gollem and Zombie Mushmom (currently available in MapleSEA only) have been added into our database. Also, we have created a monster list which will only contain the names of the monsters in our database.

Ludibrium's Party Quest guide will not be added so soon, but we will try our best to get it done as soon as possible.
3rd April 2006
Various problems transpired during the server transfer, but it has been resolved now. This will never happen again in the long months to come. We have also decided to open forum registrations to 16,000 users to make up for the inconvenience of the new users.

If you did not receive your verification mail, e-mail to us your account's name and we will manually activate it for you.

Also, Aqua Road maps, monsters, NPC and other-related items have been updated, while more are to come in the near future.
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