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Ludibrium Village

Eos Tower Entrance

Ludi Pet Walkway

Name: Patricia
Location: (a)
Description: n/a

Name: Geanie (Geny)
Location: (b)
Description: Pass the Scroll of Secrets to Geanie (Geny), who will then give you the Magic Box. Once you have obtained A Key of the Magic Box, talk to her again and the Magic Box will be unlocked, revealing random item(s).

Name: Nana the Tour Guide
Location: (c)
Description: VIP Ticket to Florina Beach (Level 30) quest.

Name: Maple Administrator
Location: (d)
Description: n/a

Name: Eurek the Alchemist
Location: (f)
Description: n/a

Name: Seppy
Location: (g)
Description: n/a

Name: Marcel
Location: (h)
Description: Cleaning Up Eos Tower (Level 30), Cleaning Up The Inner Parts Of Eos Tower (Level 30), Cleaning Up The Outer Parts Of Eos Tower (Level 30), Eos Tower Threatened! (Level 35), Cleaning Up Helios Tower (Level 35) and Peace At Eos Tower (Level 40) quest.

Name: Tony
Location: (i)
Description: n/a

Name: Coco
Location: (j)
Description: n/a

Name: Ace of Hearts
Location: (k)
Description: n/a

Name: Chico
Location: (l)
Description: n/a

Name: Document Roll
Location: (m)
Description: n/a

Name: Pi
Location: (o)
Description: Refines the ores of jewels or minerals

300 mesos 500 mesos
300 mesos 500 mesos
300 mesos 500 mesos
500 mesos 500 mesos
500 mesos 500 mesos
500 mesos 500 mesos
800 mesos 500 mesos
9000 mesos 1000 mesos
13500 mesos 3000 meso

Name: Tigun the Advisor
Location: (p)
Description: n/a

Name: Wisp
Location: (q)
Description: Tells you everything you need to know about pets, and brings your pet to life again.

Name: Mini
Location: (A)
Description: n/a

Name: Miyu
Location: (A)
Description: n/a

Name: Ellie
Location: (B)
Description: n/a

Name: Everton
Location: (B)
Description: n/a

Name: Misky
Location: (C)
Description: Sells potions and other goods at the store

Egg 47 mesos
Red Potion 47 mesos
Red Pill 50 mesos
Meat 106 mesos
Orange Potion 152 mesos
Orange Pill 160 mesos
Fried Chicken 209 mesos
Hot Dog 304 mesos
White Potion 304 mesos
White Pill 320 mesos
Pizza 427 mesos
Hamburger 427 mesos
Hot Dog Supreme 503 mesos
Ice Cream Pop 2185 mesos
Blue Potion 190 mesos
Blue Pill 200 mesos
Mana Elixir 589 mesos
Mana Elixir Pill 620 mesos
Red Bean Sundae 3800 mesos
Cake 304 mesos
Warrior Pill 570 mesos
Magic Pill 500 mesos
Sniper Pill 500 mesos
Dexterity Pill 500 mesos
Speed Pill 500 mesos
Return Scroll to Nearest Town 400 mesos
Arrow for Bow 1 mesos
Arrow for Crossbow 1 mesos
Bronze Arrow for Bow 10 mesos
Bronze Arrow for Crossbow 10 mesos
Subi Throwing-Star 500 mesos

Name: Hid
Location: n/a
Description: Sells weapons for all classes.

Cass 42000 mesos
Reef Claw 40000 mesos
Halfmoon Zamadar 200000 mesos
Gephart 375000 mesos
Bazlud 425000 mesos
Gladius 40000 mesos
Cutlus 100000 mesos
Traus 225000 mesos
Fireman's Axe 40000 mesos
Dankke 100000 mesos
Blue Counter 175000 mesos
War Hammer 40000 mesos
Heavy Hammer 100000 mesos
Jacker 175000 mesos
Scimitar 150000 mesos
Lionheart 350000 mesos
Zard 450000 mesos
Blue Axe 45000 mesos
Niam 200000 mesos
Sabretooth 250000 mesos
Mithril Maul 45000 mesos
Sledgehammer 200000 mesos
Titan 250000 mesos
Forked Spear 60000 mesos
Nakamaki 175000 mesos
Zeco 225000 mesos
Mithril Pole Arm 60000 mesos
Axe Pole Arm 175000 mesos
Crescent Polearm 300000 mesos
Mithril Wand 38000 mesos
Wizard Wand 175000 mesos
Fairy Wand 400000 mesos
Wizard Staff 20000 mesos
Ryden 150000 mesos
Red Viper 250000 mesos
Vaulter 2000 375000 mesos
Mountain Crossbow 30000 mesos
Eagle Crow 200000 mesos
Heckler 250000 mesos
Steel Titans 20000 mesos
Meba 60000 mesos

Name: Miru
Location: n/a
Description: Sells armors for all classes

Great Brown Helmet 160000 mesos
Red Matty 96000 mesos
Blue Matty 96000 mesos
Green Matty 96000 mesos
Brown Matty 96000 mesos
Green Pole-Feather Hat 100000 mesos
Blue Pole-Feather Hat 100000 mesos
Red Pole-Feather Hat 100000 mesos
Brown Pole-Feather Hat 100000 mesos
Red Burglar 100000 mesos
Blue Burglar 100000 mesos
Green Burglar 100000 mesos
Brown Burglar 100000 mesos
Dark Burglar 100000 mesos
Maroon Jangoon Armor (M) 200000 mesos
Jangoon Armor (M) 200000 mesos
Brown Jangoon Armor (F) 200000 mesos
Red Jangoon Armor (F) 200000 mesos
Red Amoria Robe (F) 120000 mesos
Blue Amoria Robe (F) 120000 mesos
Red Legolier (M) 114000 mesos
Blue Legolier (M) 114000 mesos
Green Legolier (M) 114000 mesos
Brown Legolier (M) 114000 mesos
Brown Piette (M) 180000 mesos
White Piette (M) 180000 mesos
Red Legolia (F) 114000 mesos
Blue Legolia (F) 114000 mesos
Green Legolia (F) 114000 mesos
Brown Legolia (F) 114000 mesos
Brown Piettra (F) 180000 mesos
White Piettra (F) 180000 mesos
Green Knucklevest (M) 114000 mesos
Red Knucklevest (M) 114000 mesos
Black Knucklevest (M) 114000 mesos
Khaki Shadow (M) 180000 mesos
Marine Shadow (M) 180000 mesos
Purple Shadow (F) 180000 mesos
Red Shadow (F) 180000 mesos
White Jangoon Pants (M) 180000 mesos
Brown Jangoon Pants (M) 180000 mesos
Red Jangoon Skirt (F) 180000 mesos
Brown Jangoon Skirt (F) 180000 mesos
Red Amoria Robe Skirt (F) 120000 mesos
Blue Amoria Robe Skirt (F) 120000 mesos
Green Legolier Pants (M) 108000 mesos
Blue Legolier Pants (M) 108000 mesos
Brown Legolier Pants (M) 108000 mesos
Red Legolier Pants (M) 108000 mesos
Blue Piette Pants (M) 160000 mesos
Brown Piette Pants (M) 160000 mesos
Red Legolia Pants (F) 108000 mesos
Blue Legolia Pants (F) 108000 mesos
Green Legolia Pants (F) 108000 mesos
Brown Legolia Pants (F) 108000 mesos
White Piettra Skirt (F) 160000 mesos
Brown Piettra Skirt (F) 160000 mesos
Blue Knucklevest Pants (M) 108000 mesos
Red Knucklevest Pants (M) 108000 mesos
Black Knucklevest Pants (M) 108000 mesos
Khaki Shadow Pants (M) 160000 mesos
Marine Shadow Pants (M) 160000 mesos
Red Shadow Pants (F) 160000 mesos
Purple Shadow Pants (F) 160000 mesos
White Crusader Chainmail (M) 112500 mesos
Blue Crusader Chainmail (M) 112500 mesos
Sapphire Fitted Mail (F) 112500 mesos
Emerald Fitted Mail (F) 112500 mesos
White Chaos Robe (M) 300000 mesos
Blood Chaos Robe (M) 300000 mesos
Brown Starlight (M) 450000 mesos
Red Starlight (M) 450000 mesos
Green Starlight (M) 450000 mesos
Blue Starlight (M) 450000 mesos
Purple Moonlight (F) 450000 mesos
Red Moonlight (F) 450000 mesos
Blue Moonlight (F) 450000 mesos
Brown Moonlight (F) 450000 mesos
Red Avenger (F) 111000 mesos
Blue Avenger (F) 111000 mesos
Purple Avenger (F) 111000 mesos
Red Triangular Shield 100000 mesos
Red Cross Shield 200000 mesos

Name: Korin
Location: (E)
Description: Korin's Memory (Level 25) quest.

Name: Nemi
Location: (F)
Description: n/a

Name: Tara
Location: (G)
Description: n/a

Name: Sarah
Location: (G)
Description: n/a

Name: Mason the Collector
Location: (H)
Description: n/a

Name: Robert Holly
Location: n/a
Description: n/a

Name: Neru the Trainer
Location: n/a
Description: n/a

Name: Weaver the Trainer
Location: n/a
Description: n/a

Name: Gina
Location: n/a
Description: n/a

Name: Ticketing Usher
Location: n/a
Description: n/a

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