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Lith Harbor

Name: Teo
Location: (a)
Description: Maya And The Weird Medicine (Level 15)

Name: Phil
Location: (b)
Description: Info about Victoria Island and transports a character to any town in Victoria Island with a certain amount of fee

Name: Jane
Location: (c)
Description: Jane And The Wild Boar (Level 25), Jane the Alchemist [1] (Level 40), Jane the Alchemist [2] (Level 40) and Jane the Alchemist [3] (Level 40) quest.

Name: Vikin
Location: (d)
Description: N/A

Name: Pason
Location: (e)
Description: Pay 1000 Mesos to transport a character to Florina Beach

Name: John
Location: (g)
Description: John's Pink Flower Basket (Level 15) and John's Present (Level 30) quest.

Name: Mr. Goldstein
Location: (h)
Description: Pay 250,000 mesos to add 5 more friends in buddy list

Name: Jean
Location: (i)
Description: Event NPC

Name: Mr. Kim
Location: (j)
Description: Storage

Name: Olaf
Location: (k)
Description: A Lesson On Job Advancement, The Path Of Bowman (Bowman Only), The Path Of Magician (Magician Only), The Path Of Thief (Thief Only), The Path Of Warrior (Warrior Only) quest.

Name: Mina
Location: (B)
Description: Sells potion and scrolls at the store

Red Potion 50 mesos
Orange Potion 160 mesos
White Potion 320 mesos
Blue Potion 200 mesos
Mana Elixir 620 mesos
Dex Potion 500 mesos
Speed Potion 400 mesos
Magic Potion 500 mesos
Warrior Potion 500 mesos
Sniper Potion 500 mesos
Apple 30 mesos
Egg 50 mesos
Meat 106 mesos
Orange 100 mesos
Lemon 310 mesos
Arrow for Bow 1 mesos
Arrow for Crossbow 1 mesos
Return Scroll to Nearest Town 400 mesos
Return Scroll to Lith Harbor 500 mesos
Subi Throwing-Star 500 mesos

Name: Silver
Location: (A)
Description: Sells basic weapons

Sword 50 mesos
Hand Axe 50 mesos
Wooden Club 50 mesos
Long Sword 3000 mesos
Double Axe 3000 mesos
Fruit Knife 1000 mesos

Name: Natasha
Location: (A)
Description: Sells basic armors

Brown Skull Cap 500 mesos
Red Bandana 1000 mesos
Black Headband 450 mesos
Green Headband 450 mesos
Yellow Headband 450 mesos
Blue Headband 450 mesos
Black Swimming Cap 800 mesos
Blue Swimming Cap 800 mesos
Red Swimming Cap 800 mesos
White Bandana 2000 mesos
Metal Gear 3000 mesos
Blue One-Lined T-Shirt (M) 3000 mesos
Orange Sporty T-Shirt (M) 3000 mesos
Pink Starry Shirt (F) 3000 mesos
Red-Stripped T-Shirt (F) 3000 mesos
Blue Clamdiggers (M) 1000 mesos
Grey Thick Sweat Pants (M) 2800 mesos
Ice Jeans 4800 mesos
Sand Blasted Jeans 4800 mesos
Yellow Rubber Boots 50 mesos
Blue Rubber Boots 50 mesos
Red Rubber Boots 50 mesos
Leather Sandals 50 mesos
Brown Aroa Shoes 5000 mesos
Green Aroa Shoes 5000 mesos
Bronze Aroa Shoes 5000 mesos
Blue Dorothy Shoes 10000 mesos
Red Dorothy Shoes 10000 mesos
Bronze Dorothy Shoes 10000 mesos
Stolen Fence 2000 mesos

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