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Scadur the Hunter (Level 55)
Ossyria Quest
Pre-requisite: Spiruna and The Black Crystal (Level 55)
Item(s) Needed :
Old Ring
Hector's Tail x 100
White Pang's Tail x 100

1. This quest is a continuation from Spiruna and the Black Crystal. Meet Alcaster in El Nath.
2. In El Nath, seek out Scadur the Hunter and he'll steal your Old Ring. He wants 100 Hector's Tails and 100 White Pang's Tails.
3. Return the items to Scadur, and he'll return you the Old Ring. He'll tell you something about the four wisemen in Victoria Island. Your quest ends here, and the next one, The Four Wisemen of Victoria Island, begins.

Gain 9450 experience points, 30 Elixirs and Old Ring.
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