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Mr. Wetbottom's Secret Book (Level 30)
Victoria Island Quest
Item(s) Needed :
Diamond x 1
Pig's Head x 5
Curse Eye's Tail x 50
Lupin's Bananas x 50


1. Talk to Mr. Wetbottom in the VIP Sauna in Sleepywood.
2. Go to 3 lands top of Ellinia.
3. Enter the tree dungeon which is nearest to the ground level. There should be no monsters inside.
4. Climb it until you see Ronnie and talk to him.
5. Talk to Rowen the Fairy of Ellinia and exchange a refined Diamond for her Fresh Milk.
6. Talk to Rina in Henesys.
7. Hunt 5 Pig's Heads from the Pig Beach.
8. Hunt 50 Curse Eye's Tails from Curse Eyes near Ellinia.
9. Return to Rina to get Unagi Special.
10. Hunt 50 Lupin's Bananas from Lupins near Ellinia.
11. Hand the food to Ronnie.
12. Return with the book to Mr. Wetbottom in the VIP Sauna.


Level 30 Blue Sauna Robe (M) or Red Sauna Robe (F) + Total of 1500 experience + 10000 Mesos

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