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Nella & Kerning City Citizen's Request [2] (Level 25)
Victoria Island Quest
Item(s) Needed (1st request) :
Horny Mushroom Cap x 100
Jr. Necki's Skin x 50
Item(s) Needed (2nd request) :
Leather x 20
Stiff Feather x 50
Item(s) Needed (3rd request) :
Evil Eye's Tail x 200


1. Talk to Nella outside the Hairshop in Kerning City.
2. Hunt every items for each request.
3. Return to Nella after hunting the items for each request and talk to Nella repeatedly until you receive the next request.

Reward (1st request)

White Potion x 100 + 400 experience

Reward (2nd request)

Steel x 1 + Bronze x 1 + 500 experience

Reward (3rd request)

A random color Level 30 Shoe for your job + 600 experience

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