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Missing Hella (Level 55)
Ossyria Quest
Item(s) Needed :

1. This quest is initiated after starting the Looking for Book of Ancient quest.
2. Head over to Orbis Park to Hella's house, but the only person you'll encounter is Elma. Talk to her.
3. Go to El Nath (you might want to get some Statue-Teleporting Scrolls to make your life easier) and seek out Jade. Talk to Jade repeatedly till she talk about Hella.
4. Go back to Hella's house in Orbis Park and talk to Elma again.
5. Go back to El Nath again and talk to Jade.
6. Go back to Orbis Park and seek out Spiruna (located in Old Man's House in Cloud Park IV). Talk to her repeatedly.
7. You will initiate the next quest, Spiruna and the Black Crystal.

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