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Alpha Platoon's Network of Communication (Level 40)
Ossyria Quest
Item(s) Needed :
Orihalcon Plate x 2
Sapphire x 2
Adamantium Plate x 2


Note* The following ranks in the procedure are in order.

1. Talk to Master Sergeant Fox in El Nath.
2. Go to Orbis.
3. Find and talk to Staff Sergeant Charlie to obtain a Piece of Ancient Scroll by giving him 2 Orihalcon Plate.
4. Head past El Nath to the Icy Cold Field to find Sergeant Bravo.
5. Find Sergeant Bravo to obtain a Piece of Ancient Scroll.
6. Head towards Cloud Park VI  to find Corporal Easy.
7. Obtain the Piece of Ancient Scroll from Corporal Easy.
8. Head back to El Nath and talk to Master Sergeant Fox and give him the collected items and the item's needed.


(If follow the rank order)

10% or 60% Scroll for Shoes for Speed or Scroll for Shoes for Jump + Total of 19600 experience + 1 fame
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