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Sleepywood (Dungeon)
Dungeon: Hunting Ground in the Deep Forest II
Monsters: Snail, Slime, Horned Mushroom, Curse Eye, Lupin
- Hunting Ground in the Deep Forest I
Dungeon: Damp Tree-Forest
Monsters: Slime, Octopus, Jr. Necki, Dark Axe Stump
- Deep Forest
- Dangerous Croko II
- Damp Forest
Dungeon: Damp Forest
Monsters: Slime, Octopus, Jr. Necki
- Damp Tree-Forest
Dungeon: Sleepy Dungeon I
Monsters: Slime, Octopus, Horned Mushroom, Jr. Necki, Curse Eye, Lupin
- Sleepywood
- Sleepy Dungeon II
Dungeon: Sleepy Dungeon IV
Monsters: Curse Eye, Dark Stone Gollem, Jr. Boogie
- Sleepy Dungeon III
- Sleepy Dungeon V

Hidden Street: The Forest of Gollem
Monsters: Dark Stone Gollem, Mix Gollem
- Sleepy Dungeon V
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