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Premium Road
Premium Road is an exclusive area only accessible via selected cybercafes, currently only available in MapleSEA at certain cybercafes. All monsters in this area reportedly give 20% more exp, 20% higher drop rate and has a faster spawn rate.

When you are in premium service (ie: the selected cybercafes), among the benefits you will get is on dying, you will get to choose to spawn at the same map you died, or at the nearest town, and you get a 20% increase in exp from monsters killed in any maps.

Access Premium Road: Kerning City Internet Cafe by double-clicking on the NPC Mong from Kong in Kerning City.
Premium Road: Kerning City Internet Cafe



Vending Machine
- Speaking to Billy would initiate a 'quest' in which "some strange-looking guys came here and stole every Mouse available". If you agree to find the missing Mice for him, you will be able to trade each Mouse for points.

- Accessing the Kerning City Internet Cafe and speaking to Billy will garner you 50 points automatically, while each Mouse traded will give you 10 points.

- A list of items that can be exchanged is as follows (need clarification from PCBunk visitors): - The list of areas you can go to will be displayed after clicking on the Computer: - Below is the list of items sold at the Vending Machine:
  • Dried Squid (620 mesos)
  • Fat Sausage (1,260 mesos)
  • Orange Juice (920 mesos)
  • Grape Juice (1,860 mesos)
Prairie Field
Premium Road: Another Sanctuary
Monsters: Blue Mushroom (PC), Slime (PC)
Premium Road: Breathing Sanctuary I
Monsters: Blue Mushroom (PC), Stone Golem (PC)
Premium Road: Breathing Sanctuary II
Monsters: Blue Mushroom (PC), Stone Golem (PC)
Field of Bright Forest
Premium Road: The Monkey Forest
Monsters: Lupin (PC), Zombie Lupin (PC)
Premium Road: Tree Dungeon
Monsters: Green Mushroom (PC), Horned Mushroom (PC), Slime (PC)
Field of Highland
Premium Road: Dry Rocky Mountain
Monsters: Dark Stump (PC), Wild Boar (PC)
Premium Road: Dry Rocky Mountain II
Monsters:Dark Stump (PC), Wild Boar (PC), Fire Boar (PC)
Ant Tunnel Dungeon
Premium Road: Dangerous Ant-Hole
Monsters: Horned Mushroom (PC), Zombie Mushroom (PC)
Premium Road: Evil Eye's Cave
Monsters: Evil Eye (PC)
Premium Road: The Lightless Cave
Monsters: Cold Eye (PC), Drake (PC)
Premium Road: Cargo Hunting Ground
Monsters: Cold Eye (PC), Wild Cargo (PC)
Premium Road: Windy Terrace I
Monsters: Brown Teddy (PC), Drum Bunny (PC)
Premium Road: Windy Terrace II
Monsters: Pink Teddy (PC), Brown Teddy (PC)
El Nath
Premium Road: The Chilly Hill
Monsters: Jr. Yeti (PC), White Pang (PC)
Premium Road: The Chilly Cliff
Monsters: Jr. Yeti (PC), White Pang (PC), Yeti & Pepe (PC)
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