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"Blackbull's" deed to the land Sold for: 1 mesos
Dropped by: Curse Eye
Description: A lost deed to the land for "Blackbull" of Perion.
Used for: Building Blackbull's New House (Level 30) quest.

Ancient Scroll Sold for: 1 mesos
Dropped by: Dark Stone Golem
Description: A scroll from long ago that contains powerful, mysterious magic from then.
Used for: Manji's Ragged Gladius (Level 45) and Pia's Present For A Friend (Level 55, Thief only).

Arwen's Glass Shoes Sold for: 250 mesos
Dropped by: Fire Boar
Description: A shiny glass shoes for women-only.
Used for: Arwen and the Glass Shoes (Level 25) quest.

Flaming Feather Sold for: 1 mesos
Dropped by: Jr. Cellion, Jr. Lioner, Red Drake
Description: A flame with the look of a feather. It never stops burning.
Used for: Synthesis item for Black Feather. Manji's Ragged Gladius (Level 45) quest.

Key of Dimension Sold for: n/a
Dropped by: Alishar
Description: A key possessed by Alishar. It can be used to block the entrances that leads to other places.
Used for: n/a

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