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To create a guild, head off to Orbis Guild Park. Once you have created your guild, you will be able to register for an emblem for your guild as an identity, hunt, and move together in a guild! There are requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to create a guild.

The requirements for Guild formation:
  1. The guild is to be created with at least 6 players and at most 10 players.
  2. The guild master must be level 10 and above.
  3. The guild master must form a party of 6 before creating a guild.
  4. Everyone in the part should not be part of another guild.
  5. The Party Leader will be the guild master.
  6. The Party Leader is required to pay 1,500,000 mesos to create the guild.
  7. Everyone in the party must be in the same map when creating the guild.
  8. Maximum of 12 characters for your guild name, and it must not be duplicated.
  9. Only one player can join one guild.

You can also expand your guild by paying a certain amount of fee to Heracle.

Expanding guild from 10 to 15 players Pay 500,000 mesos
Expanding guild from 15 to 20 players Pay 1,500,000 mesos
Expanding guild from 20 to 25 players Pay 2,500,000 mesos
Expanding guild from 25 to 30 players Pay 3,500,000 mesos

Once you have expanded your guild to 20 players, you are able to create an emblem for your guild! Take note that the fee to create an emblem will cost you 5,000,000 mesos. Talk to Lea and select your choice of design and color.

Other information on guild:

  • Guild Master and Jr. Master may expel members from his/her guild, and Jr. Master can never expel guild Master.
  • Guild member may leave his/her guild anytime and anywhere if he/she wants to.
  • Guild ranking can be divided into 5 levels.
  • Guild Master and Jr. Master can divide and change their level in their guild, but a Jr. Master can never change the guild Master's level.
  • Use "Guild Chat" to chat with other guild members.
  • Guild Master can disband the guild without any agreement from the guild members.
  • A payment fee of 200,000 mesos is required to disband the guild.
  • Guild Master can only delete his/her character, only after he/she disband the guild.

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