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Cash Shop > Gachapon > Gachapon2 (Ellinia)

Scroll for Dagger for Att. (10%)
Scroll for Helmet for Def. (10%)
Scroll for One-Handed Axe for Att. (10%)
Scroll for One-Handed Sword for Att. (10%)
Scroll for Pole Arm for Att. (10%)
Scroll for Spear for Att. (10%)
Scroll for Staff for Magic Att. (10%)
Scroll for Two-Handed Sword for Att. (10%)

Useable drop:
Power Elixir

Common equipment:
Aluminium Baseball Bat
Aqua Snowboard
Bamboo Spear
Black Baseball Cap
Blue Baseball Cap
Blue Flowery Tube
Blue Metal Gear
Blue Sauna Robe (M)
Blue Work Gloves
Brown Bamboo Hat
Brown Bandana
Brown Work Gloves
Camo Pants (M)
Dark Snowboard
Emergency Rescue Tube
Frying Pan
Green Bandana
Green Umbrella
Hardwood Wand
Mark of Beta
Pico-Pico Hammer
Pink Starry Shirt (F)
Purple Bandana
Purple Tube
Purple Work Gloves
Red Baseball Cap
Red Brick
Red Justice Cape
Red Flowery Tube
Red Sauna Robe (F)
Red Whip
Red Work Gloves
Silver Snowboard
Sky Blue Umbrella
White Justice Cape
White Napolean
Yellow Metal Gear
Yellow Starry Bandana
Yellow Umbrella
Yellow Work Gloves

Warrior equipment:
Blue Axe
Blue Dragon (M)
Blue Jangoon Armor (M)
Blue Kendo Robe (M)
Blue Lolico Pants
Bronze Viking Helm
Brown Lolica Pants (M)
Dark Shouldermail Pants (F)
Forked Spear
Gold Dragon (M)
Great Brown Helmet
Heaven's Gate
Heaven's Justice
Heavy Hammer
Holy Spear
Iron Ball
Mithril Crusader Helm
Mithril Football Helmet
Mithril Tower Shield
Mithril Viking Helm
Orihalcon Burgernet Helm
Orihalcon Master Sergeant Kilt (M)
Pointed Shovel
Pole Arm
Red Engrit (F)
Red Lamelle Skirt (F)
Red Martial Arts Pants (M)
Red Shark (F)
Red Shark Skirt (F)
Silver Planet
Skull Shield
Sky Shark (F)
Steel Corporal Pants (M)
Steel Fitted Mail (F)
Steel Nordic Helm
The Nine Dragons
The Rising
The Shining
Two-Handed Sword
Wooden Sword

Magician equipment:
Arc Staff
Black Jester
Black Split Pants (M)
Black Split Piece (M)
Black Split Skirt (F)
Blood Chaos Robe (M)
Blue Guiltian
Brown Moonlight (F)
Brown Starlight (M)
Dark Anakamoon (M)
Dark Anakarune (F)
Dark Calaf (F)
Dark Enigmatic (M)
Dark Golden Circlet
Dark Infinium Circlet
Dark Manute
Evil Wings
Golden Pride
Gold Manute
Hinomaru Fan
Metal Wand
Mystic Cane
Old Wooden Staff
Orange Calas (M)
Orange Split Piece (M)
Purple Fairy Robe (F)
Red Amoria Robe (F)
Red Moonlight (F)
Red Pennance
Red Split (F)
Red Wizardry Hat
Sapphire Staff
Steel Manute
White Anakamoon (M)
White Doros Robe (M)
White Guiltian
White Split Pants (M)

Bowman equipment:
Asianic Bow
Blue Piette Pants (M)
Blue Robin Hat
Brown Able Armor Skirt (F)
Brown Hard Leather Top (M)
Brown Hunter
Brown Robin Hat
Dark Hunter's Armor (M)
Dark Legolia Pants (F)
Dark Piette (M)
Eagle Crow
Green Able Armor (F)
Green Able Armor Skirt (F)
Green Avelin Skirt (F)
Green Bennis Chainmail (M)
Green Distinction
Green Hunter's Armor (M)
Green Hunter's Armor Pants (M)
Green Huntress Armor (F)
Green Legolia (F)
Green Legolier Pants (M)
Green Maro
Green Robin Hat
Hunter's Bow
Mountain Crossbow
Red Bennis Chainmail (M)
Red Distinction
Red Hawkeye
Red Hunter's Armor (M)
Red Lumati (F)
Red Viper
Silver Crow
Vaulter 2000
Wooden Sword
Yellow Able Armor (F)

Thief equipment:
Adamantium Guards
Adamantium Igor
Black Mamba
Black Steal (F)
Blood Slain
Bloody Mantis (F)
Blue China (M)
Blue Loosecap
Blue Moon Pants (F)
Blue Nightshift Pants (M)
Blue Qi Pao (F)
Blue Qi Pao Pants (F)
Blue Scarab
Bronze Gigantic
Bronze Guardian
Brown China (M)
Brown Hardleather Pants
Brown Loosecap
Brown Scarab
Dark Brown Stealer Pants (M)
Dark Identity
Dark Slain
Dark Shadow (F)
Deadly Fin
Green Guise
Green Tiberian
Forked Dagger
Mithril Guards
Purple Shadow Pants (F)
Red Burglar
Red Nightshift (F) (Red Night)
Red Nightshift Pants (F)
Red Pao Pants (M)
Sapphire Slain
Silver Black Stealer
Steel Slain
Triple-Tipped Zamadar
Wooden Sword
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